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Cutback comments

To the news that Washington Governor Chris Gregoire is asking agencies to come up with contingency plans for yet another cutback – sometime this fall, depending on what the economic projections look like then – there’s been some comment.

A useful cross section appears with the Seattle Times story on the prospective cuts. A sampling:

Here is what I “expect” Gregoire to do. Cut services that hit hard to the taxpayers, including schools, healthcare, transportation and the like. I see little if any reduction in force of government employees.

We need new taxes on wealthy individuals and large corporations to improve our revenue stream. There’s nothing for us to lose in doing so: these elite aren’t hiring anyway.

What an idiotic statement, this state collects taxes differently than the Federal Government. Anyone with a computer can look at state spending and see there are NO CUTS, they are only talking about rolling back spending increases. We are spending more every year, it’s a lie that Gregoire says we need to “cut”, and it’s ashame that she and the D’s have cut things like education to continue to pay the premium benefits to the state unionized workers, of course she gets a benefit too, another four years…….

In reading the comments it’s interesting to me that so many people on here want education cut & state jobs cut. Why? Sure there are jobs that could be cut, but there seems to be such hatred for State Employees.

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