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Those in need of help

No desire here to return regularly to the unfortunate story of Idaho state Senator John McGee, R-Caldwell, charged a week ago with driving under the influence and grand theft of a vehicle. But this reference from the blog of Dennis Mansfield, who among other things has in recent years worked in the area of helping substance addicts.

I wanted desperately to place up to 30 staffed, safe and sober homes in Canyon County. We only succeeded in putting one in – as leaders of the GOP Legislature and the city of Nampa forged an unbreakable band of iron that kept “undesireable” houses/clients out of their neighborhoods. Eventually that lone house was closed down – so that the politicians, including Senator McGee, could “help” the community. John was outspoken in his opposition to houses in neighborhoods that had substance abuse people in them – “they should be placed somewhere, just not in nice communities” seemed to be the political line of reasoning. John echoed that perspective.

So, hearing about John’s DUI and his medical problems and his arrest saddened me even deeper than you would imagine. I took no delight in this ironic twist of fate.

It just simply saddened me.

The people who need help aren’t just the stereotypical “them.” A lot of “repectable” people need it too.

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