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Posts published in “Day: June 13, 2011”

Gregoire is out

So far, the recent widespread predictions about the Washington governor's race 2012 - Republican Rob McKenna in, incumbent Democrat Chris Gregoire out, Democrat Jay Inslee in - are holding up, two for three. And indications are that the third will materialize as well within a few days.

They're linked. McKenna's announcement put immediate pressure on Gregoire to clarify her intentions - if she wasn't running, she had to clear the decks for another Democrat to gear up. That could have come any time in the next few weeks, but maybe the seriousness of McKenna's candidacy prompted the speed - her announcement today that she will not seek a third term following on his by less than a week.

Don't expect to be kept long waiting for Inslee, either.

Will there be others? Maybe ... but the widespread presumption that this will be the core of the field seems to be having a pretty solid track record so far.