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Posts published in “Day: May 3, 2011”

Is a shift occurring?

Certainly, the fact that the polling information in question comes from one of the partisans in the fight has to give you pause.

Still, take a moment to consider the polling information the Idaho Education Association has released (by Grove Insight of Portland, 600 Idahoans polled in March, MOE 4%).

The summary from the IEA:

In a recent poll, only 25 percent of likely voters surveyed gave Tom Luna a favorable rating, compared to a 75 percent favorable rating for teachers. Luna’s unfavorability rating skyrocketed from 18 percent negative in March 2010 to 41 percent negative a year later, with 15 percent taking a neutral view.
Teachers’ favorability ratings remained near constant, dipping 2 percent from 77 percent last year. The Idaho Education Association’s favorability ratings rose from 39 percent to 47 percent since March 2010.

Not so much to take to the bank, as a bookmark for future reference. As the recall and referendum efforts continue on, we may be revisiting those numbers.