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OR: An eastern exercise

senate map or

Just another redistricting exercise, this one showing the wide spread of Oregon legislative districts across of the east-of-Cascades region.

Oregon’s 2010 population is such that each of its 30 Senate districts needs about (approximations will do, to a point) 127,702 people each. Question: How many eastern Oregon counties (if you keep them intact in a legislative district) do you need to reach that many?

Well, starting east and south of the Pendleton/Hermiston area, you get close if you add all these counties together: Wallowa, Union, Baker, Malheur, Harney, Grant, Lake, Crook and Wheeler. (Still falls about 2,000 short, but that’s probably close enough.) That massive area has just about enough for one Senate district out of 30.

And then if you start at Umatilla County and work west, you can go to The Dalles (Wasco County) and still fall about 11,000 short of what you need. You could then add part, but not all, of the population of either Jefferson County to the south, or Hood River County to the west (the two are of closely similar size), but only about half of either.

These two districts alone would occupy half or more of the land mass of Oregon.

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