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Posts published in “Day: March 31, 2011”

Revenge on who?

What conclusion should people draw from this?

From the Associated Press: "Idaho Republicans took revenge on Democrats for their stall tactics, killing a bill to help disabled children whose sponsor was a Democrat."

The optics, as they say, look pretty bad - for the Republicans, of course: Taking revenge on other legislators by spiking help for disabled children. By killing a bill to help disabled children.

Can someone fill in what the spin on this might be?

UPDATE Betsy Russell's blog quotes Republican Senator Tim Corder, who sponsored the measure on the childhood coordinating council in the other chamber, as saying the low-budget entity may survive even without the bill, but “It bothers me that occurred. It bothers me that we do things like that in the first place, that government can't simply function the way it's supposed to.”