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Bookpeople of Moscow


When I came to the University of Idaho at Moscow in the fall of 1974, one of my first walks to downtown was in search of a good bookstore. Right on Main Street, then a year or so old, was a very good one, one I visited regularly while a student and more often than not whenever I’ve visited town.

That is Bookpeople, in recent years on the other side of Main Street (it moved in the interest of expanded space), still in operation today. For decades now it has been one of the best independent book stores in the Northwest, owing in large part to the dedication of its veteran owner, Bob Greene.

How much longer it stays with us is in some doubt. The Lewiston Tribune reports that Greene is planning to retire, sell the store, and move to Oregon.

Times are rough for book stores these days. Best wishes for the store and the book clientele of the area, and hopes that the store will find a new owner who’ll keep a fine business going.

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  1. fortboise fortboise March 28, 2011

    Should be a well-deserved retirement by now. I came to Moscow in August, ’75 and frequented Bob’s store from time to time.

    My wife and I met (more or less) in a reading group that was held in the store, some time before 1980.

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