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Posts published in “Day: March 14, 2011”

Red meat, flung from the left

Dwight Pelz

All kinds of bloody red meat was dispensed, according to a piece in Publicola, by Washington Democratic Chair Dwight Pelz - to the extent of calling for the ouster of one of President Obama's cabinet members (Education Secretary Arne Duncan).

Some really rough rhetoric - over the top stuff - on Republicans ("they're evil. These guys are fascists.").

There was also this well-crafted bit: "“There was a joke 20 years ago, when [then-Russian president Boris] Yeltsin was in power: ‘What did capitalism do in Russia in five years that communism couldn’t do in 50 years? The answer was, make communism look good. What is it that the Republicans can do that Democrats can’t do? Make Democrats look good.”

This week in the Digests

Tsunami damage at Brookings harbor. (image/Office of Governor John Kitzhaber)

The Friday tsunami did not do the damage in the Northwest it did in Japan, but there was some damage - most notably in Brookings, where an emergency situation persists.

Idaho saw passage through the legislature of two major education overhaul bills, likely to be signed early this week. Legislative and economic news were key elements in this week's Digests.

Some of the larger stories in the Washington edition:

bullet Locke nominated as ambassador to China
bullet Emissions agreement hits home in Centralia
bullet Vehicle emission changes proposed
bullet CMLK would-be bomb suspect arrested
bullet Death with Dignity update

In the Oregon edition:

bullet Tsunami hits South Oregon coast
bullet Job openings increasing in Oregon
bullet Wyden co-sponsored wireless tax bill
bullet Workplace deaths decline

In the Idaho edition:

bullet Luna school plan passes legislature

bullet Activists plan Luna recall

bullet Census releases new numbers on Idaho

bullet Idaho Power irrigation plan approved