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Wu in person, for some

We’ve suggested that the best thing Representative David Wu could do to clear up (the many) questions about his behavior and condition would be to appear in town hall meetings in his district, a number of them, and engage in give and take with constituents.

He came halfway to that last night in Washington County, where he met with local Democrats. He answered questions from precinct leaders (Democratic) for an hour or so.

The level of candor needed, though, still seemed to be lacking. Writing on Blue Oregon (where the inclination probably would be to be sympathetic), Carla Axtman said that “Overall, it seemed to me that some serious questions still remain unanswered: What sort of conduct by Wu caused the staff to leave? How can constituents be assured that it won’t happen again? What assurances do constituents have that Wu is healthy and fit to serve, beyond his own say so? I’m not convinced that questions about Wu’s ability to represent the First District were settled this evening. And I don’t think I’m alone, based on the discussions I overheard in the room after Wu left.”

Note also the just-out polling showing heavily declining approval numbers for Wu. A SurveyUSA poll just out gives a narrow plurality to those who say Wu should resign.

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