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Posts published in “Day: March 7, 2011”

This week in the Digests

train derail
A trail derails at University place. (image/Pierce County)

The legislative sessions continue to heat up, especially in Idaho but in Washington as well, in this week's Public Affairs Digests for Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Also a lot else, including more on census results, more developments on the Columbia Crossing project, .

Some of the larger stories in the Washington edition:

bullet Seattle Council overrides Alaskan Way veto
bullet Columbia Crossing comment sought
bullet Viaduct work may save old building
bullet Census results and education

In the Oregon edition:

bullet Kitzhaber leans activist at Portland City Club
bullet Unemployment rate sticks at 10.4%
bullet Blumenauer on “ungreening” the Capitol
bullet Three Imnaha wolves grabbed

In the Idaho edition:

bullet Protests over Luna school plan
bullet McClure remembered
bullet Unemployment rate unchanged
bullet Governors call for forest restoration

What they saw in Ben Westlund

Ben Westlund was one of the most appealing politicians the Northwest has seen in the last few decades - smart, idealistic, humanitarian and very funny. He always seemed a likely prospect for office higher than the one he held, Oregon state treasurer, when he died a year ago.

Here are two videos, just released with that anniversary, showing two aspects of him, one a draft version (never completed or previously released) of a campaign ad - one of the more inspiring we've seen - and the other a humor video unlike anything you'd ordinarily see from a candidate running for office.