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The rap on McKenna

We’re not far away from the onset of Washington governor’s race 2012 – probably not six months. If, as is broadly expected, Attorney General Rob McKenna enters that race, he will enter as the Republican frontrunner, and a very strong contender in the general election. (No one knows yet for sure whether current Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire will seek a third term, but the betting is running strongly against.)

The Stranger, via writer David Goldstein, has a piece that may wind up summarizing the Democratic case against McKenna – in essence, that he’s not the moderate he has appeared to be, that he is Washington’s edition of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Key paragraph:

“This is a politician who is no friend of labor, who has used his office to work against the interests of workers and their right to organize, who has accused state workers of bankrupting the state, and who has even labeled the very institution of the public employees’ union as “dangerous.” But nothing is more indicative of McKenna’s far-right, anti-union, pro-teabagger philosophy than his aggressive leadership in attempting to kill organized labor’s decades-old, number-one policy agenda: Obama’s health care reform act and the benefits it would bring to millions of Washington citizens and businesses.”

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