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This week in the Digests

Obama at Hillsboro
President Barack Obama visiting Intel at Hillsboro. (vidcap/White House stream)

Lots of legislative activity – new legislation, still – in this week’s Public Affairs Digests for Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Also a lot else, including last week’s presidential visit to Hillsboro.

Some of the larger stories in the Washington edition:

– NW leaders say they’ll take rail money
– McGinn vetoes Alaskan Way deal
– Senators propose freight act
– Workplace deaths rise in Washington
– Reporting on extreme tides

In the Oregon edition:

– Obama makes Hillsboro visit
– Kitzhaber names department heads
– Roberts named to Metro Council
– Ag amounts to 15% of Oregon economy
– Mollala River measure returns
– $48 million for state health insurance
– New Blue Book out in e-firm first

In the Idaho edition:

– Revisions offered on Luna plan
– Idaho Power signs four wind agreements
– Meridian bans smoking in parks
– Crapo backs monument limit bill
– Geddes on his new job

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