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A different kind of response

More later on the Oregon budget proposal from Governor John Kitzhaber. Worth noting for a moment is a couple of paragraphs at the very end of the Oregonian‘s piece on the budget proposal: About the Republican response.

It said this: “Reaction from legislative leaders from both parties was generally favorable. Rep. Dennis Richardson, R-Central Point, one of the most conservative members of the Legislature, called Kitzhaber’s recommendations a “refreshing development.” He especially liked the governor’s focus on outcomes, rather than budget numbers. “It’s not just about how much money,” Richardson said, “it’s what you get for that money.””

That’s refreshing, too. So often, people in both parties seem to be mesmerized by the numbers, to the exclusion of content. It’s just a reframing, maybe, but in this case that means thinking about what you’re doing in a whole different way.

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