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Posts published in “Day: January 5, 2011”

The four, and a fifth

So the four members of the Washington reapportionment commission are all chosen. Should make for lively meetings.

The second of two Republicans on the panel is the best-known figure of the four overall: former Senator Slade Gorton, the member chosen by Senate Minority Leader Mike Hewitt. House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt earlier picked former state Representative Tom Huff of Gig Harbor.

The Democrats, who haven't been elected officials, will be Dean Foster, the only commissioner (so far) who has served on the panel before (in 2001), and former Seattle Deputy Mayor Tim Cies.

First job for the four will be choosing a fifth member who will serve as chair and presumably break ties.

Dave Ammons of the secretary of state's office advises that "The four voting commissioners are doing their orientration and their first task will be to agree on their chairman. They won't be able to do much actual mapdrawing until they get detailed census tract data in April."

Off to the charts, soon enough.