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#4 from 10: Idaho’s private prison goes viral

The Idaho Correctional Center, Idaho’s (and the Northwest’s) first privately-run prison – operated by the Corrections Corporation of America – opened near Kuna in 2000, with a “safe operating capacity” of 1,514 – a big prison. This site predicted then that dark investigative news reports would be coming, eventually. And eventually, they did.

In 2010 came reports through the Associated Press about strong violence at the facility, which got the nickname “gladiator school.” The U.S. Department of Justice launched an investigation. The AP released a stunning video showing one inmate beating another senseless, while corrections officers stood by, watched, and did not act until the attacker had walked away of his own volition. CCA complained strongly – most loudly about the AP release of the video, which went viral.

The whole private prison idea in the region took on a new coloration in 2010.

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