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Posts published in “Day: December 21, 2010”

Another seat for Washington

Washington gets a another seat in Congress, Oregon and Idaho do not.

According to the new run of census data released this morning.

No shock at all for Idaho, which wasn't close to the margin for an addition, and not a big surprise for Oregon, which a couple of years ago seemed on track but fell back from the edge in the last couple of years.

Washington now (post-2010 elections) has five Democratic and four Republican U.S. House seats. Who gets the new one? Realistically, either party might, because the probability is that a new district will be carved out of south Puget Sound areas that include both strongly Democratic (Olympia-Lacey) and strongly Republican (south Pierce County) turf. Chalk this up as a spot where the work of the state reapportionment commission really may make a big difference.