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Posts published in “Day: December 17, 2010”

A boise description, sort …

There was a bit of news, not massive or unexpected, in today's Roll Call story on Idaho's first congressional district, and upcoming reapportionment: That outgoing Representative Walt Minnick says he's done with electoral politics. No big surprise there.

What was most striking was a bit of description in the story on the subject of reapportionment, about the city of Boise - the area most likely to shift from one district (the first) to the other (the second):

Western Boise can be a swing area, according to GOP insiders in the state, and is represented by a Republican in the state Legislature. Still, shifting the boundaries would also bring in a large number of Democrats. That would begin to shift the mostly balanced districts away from each other — they voted nearly identically in the past two presidential elections, with Republican candidates winning handily.

What do they mean by "west Boise"? And which Republican legislator represents all of it? And ... oh, never mind.