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Other kinds of splits

Be wary when you see news reports about a vote that pits “liberals” against “moderates” (or “conservatives” against “moderates” for that matter). The U.S. House vote for Democratic leader, won by Nancy Pelosi, the outgoing speaker, ought to be evidence of that.

The vote has been widely billed as one pitting the more liberal Pelosi against the more conservative Heath Shuler of North Carolina. Run through the available information about who supported who, and you find some basis for that. But:

Two of the key Democratic votes seeking a delay on the leadership vote, to December 8 – a move viewed as helping Shuler – were Oregon’s Peter DeFazio and David Wu, both considered part of the liberal wing. But neither terribly close to Pelosi.

DeFazio’s crossways with Pelosi has been clear for some time, and the Astorian reports today “that Wu was one of those voting for Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina, who mounted a campaign against her.”

Ideology can define one agenda in politics. But it is only one.

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