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Check points

You never know from one election to the next which spot in a given state will have the most up-to-date information; it keeps changing. So we operate on a list of several, each election night. No real point in checking before 8 p.m. local time. Link list:

Secretary of State – usually one of the best, regionally as well as in Washington. Love their county-breakout results maps.
King County Elections – home of around half of Washington’s ballots.
Seattle Times – general coverage plus numbers.

Secretary of State – not sure what they’ll have on line tonight; historically, there’s not been a lot of real-time data here. But check it out.
Multnomah County Elections – Notoriously late in processing, but check here to see how things will look on Wednesday.
Oregonian – Often the best real-time data comes via the Oregonian.
KGW-TV – This Portland station often has tightly-timed data as well.

Secretary of State – In the last couple of cycles the SoS has been posting good-time numbers. They advise that won’t start till 9mtn/8pac.
Ada County Elections – a number of interesting race numbers should turn up here first.
Idaho Statesman – Some years they have the most up to minute numbers in the state (for statewide, and the southwest reaches of Idaho). Sometimes not.
KTVB-TV – Traditionally strong with election night numbers, though mileage varies.

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