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The “Gathering of Eagles”

A major, but not yet much noted political event in Oregon: Called “A Gathering of the Eagles” at a ranch at Jefferson. It ranks as substantial because of its placement on the state Republican Party site and the guests invited – and groups involved.

The guests include former (and scandal-ridden) House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. (He will be the keynote speaker, and sign books afterward.)

Coalition members will give three-minute speeches. They include Americans for Prosperity (the national Koch Brothers front group), Freedom Works (the national Tea Party organizing behind-the-scnees group), 912 Project (the Glenn Beck outfit), Tea Party Patriots and a number of Oregon conservative or Republian groups.

What will they be talking about?

Well, here is some of what the host, periodic Oregon candidate (including for governor this year, in the Republican primary) William “Ames” Curtright, has to say while welcoming people the event (what follows are short excerpts):

We may go by many different names; Independents, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, 912 Groups to name a few. … This unified group would gather together to share fellowship and inspiration; not unlike when our Lord sat and talked with his disciples and like our nations first leaders who outline those spiritual principles. …

We believe in a Godly nation and a Christian nation. … We believe that Liberalism and Socialism are the enemy of our people. … We believe in Vouchers for private education and that government should stay out of education. … We believe People have the right to bear arms and the duty to overthrow their Government when it fails to perform and when resolution and legislation fail to correct it. We believe administrations who violate our constitutional rights and lawmakers who pass laws they do not read should be held accountable and not only sent home for their wrong doings but punished to the full extent of the law. We the People do not want any more Rinos or half way Republicans. We want true conservative Republicans!

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