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Posts published in “Day: September 4, 2010”

Disagreeing with yourself

This has started to pick up some traction on Facebook and elsewhere.

Oreong gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley offered last week an interesting idea for boosting the state's commitment to higher education: full-ride scholarships to the state's higher ed institutions, for the top-scoring high school students in the state.

A lot of people probably like the idea, save for one thing: Paying for it. Dudley acknowledges he doesn't have an idea for that part.

And then the Oregonian's Jeff Mapes points out this - the part that's getting some traction: "What he didn't do was follow the advice of his own "26-point Plan to Control Spending and Reform Government" that he had released a few weeks before."

Consider that a little more food for the meme Dudley shouldn't want fueled.