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Posts published in “Day: August 26, 2010”

How many “opposers”?

A question.

This comes out of news today that Conoco-Phillips, which has sought and gotten permits to run mega-sized trucks down the narrow and winding Highway 12 between Lewiston and Missoula, is appealing a decision by 2nd District Judge John Bradbury which blocks those trips, at least for now.

The appeal, of course, goes to the Idaho Supreme Court, for which Bradbury was earlier this year was a candidate, losing to one of the incumbents. That's one interesting aspect of this; there seems to be some presumption that Bradbury may be overturned. We'll see.

Our assumption has been that most people in the area have been opposed to the traffic of these massive trucks on a road that seems so unsuitable for them. (Travel via, say, Interstate 90 to the north might present some issues but on its face seem a lot more logical.) But is that so?

One commenter on the Lewiston Tribune story about this offered: "This is a waste of a lot of peoples time and efforts for such a small minority of opposers." The formal (as if legal filing) number of "opposers" is of course small. But what's the sense of how people overall in the area view this?