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A shift elsewhere

This has a feel of significance to it:

Two months ago, in an effort to boost the candidacy of its 1st U.S. House district nominee Raul Labrador, the Idaho Republican Party said it was hiring two staffers that would be assigned directly to help in that race. (Here’s the release about one of them.) It was an implicit acknowledgement that the race was not easy – incumbent Democrat Walt Minnick had several advantages including a big money lead – but also an expression that the party would make a special effort to get behind the candidate.

In reports today, the Associated Press says that the two staffers won’t be so strictly assigned; their work instead will be much more based around general party activities.

One reason, which the party indicates, may be legal. There are legal limitations on how money not contributed directly to a congressional campaign can be used for it. Of course, that was true in June too.

But you get the sense that the resources could have been found, if the party were determined enough to get the assistance to Labrador. Was there a shift in priorities?

Might be that too much shouldn’t be made of this. But keep watch, and see what else in the coming weeks fit into a pattern.

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