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A dog not barking, yet

Among the stories not happening in the Northwest . . . wildfires.

There was a substantial fire this week, more than 100 acres and since put out, in the flat desert lands of the Idaho National Laboratory, west of Idaho Falls. But early indications are that it wasn’t natural, that it resulted from some human action, or inaction. And that’s about it.

The National Interagency Fire Center at Boise reports that so far this year, Idaho has had 122 wildland fires, Oregon 36 and Washington 165. Acres burned amounted to about 1,000 in Washington and Oregon together, and about 31,000 in Idaho. Those sound like large numbers but they’re actually relatively small, smaller than most of the time by now.

Fingers crossed.

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One Comment

  1. fortboise fortboise July 18, 2010

    Haven’t had our standard week of 100 degree weather either. Only high 80s and 90s? Lovely!

    Seems pretty likely however that (a) it will get hot, and (b) all the abundant growth from the wet spring will fuel fires in keeping with our usual western drama.

    Heat + fuel + oxygen

    Story always ends the same way.

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