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Mortgage stats

mortgage delinquent
Mortgage delinquency rates/Fed of NY

The yellow counties on this map are uncounted: They are among the smallest 10% of counties in the country, and trying to reasonably gauge how they fit into the rates for delinquent mortgages is too difficult, since a single case or two could drastically throw off the percentages.

Still, the map, developed by the Federal Reserve of New York, has a lot of useful stories to tell. Note how the rates run highest among many of the highest-growth counties in the last decade. In Oregon, the Bend area accounts for many of the highest rates. In Idaho, Canyon, Teton and Valley were among them. In Washington, Snohomish, Pierce and Clark (but not so much King).

But what’s Bear Lake County doing here? Or maybe there’s something going on in Bear Lake . . .

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