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Post-convention reverberations

More than the usual amount of post-convention commentary after the somewhat odd selections of policy choices Idaho Republicans came up with at Idaho Falls – odd to the point that a number of quite conservative state legislators were opposing, and losing votes on, a number of them.

The platform and resolutions have been posted on Talking Points Memo – a liberal-oriented blogsite, which may give you an indication.

An example of the reaction: One resolution said, “Let free Idahoans pay taxes, and other fees due to the State, County and City in silver and or gold in any form. Payments to City, County, or State employees requested to be paid in silver and or gold, Will be complied with.”

Talking Points: “We asked the state GOP for comment on this one: How would such a system work? How would the state evaluate the proper values of gold and silver in collecting payments? And since governments collect taxes and fees in order to spend those revenues on needed goods and services, how would the state find people who accept gold and silver, instead of the universally accepted U.S. dollar? Would the state simply sell the excess gold and silver, in order to pay for services with dollars? They have not responded to our request for comment.”

Check out the roster of resolutions, not all (though most were) approved by the full convention, but all with support from at least a committee or county organization. Here are the resolutions, or nearly all of them:

Unilaterally reduce state payments to the federal government based on what someone in Idaho deems to be an “unconstitutional” federal spending; jury nullification; put the FBI and other state and federal law enforcement under control of county sheriffs; rejecting any federal food-health activities; repeal contractor registration with the state; an absolute constitution ceiling on taxes, fees and spending; backing the Arizona immigration law; wipe out teacher unions; end the state corporate income tax; bar the de-certification of charter schools; “Idaho legislature and executive should assert ownership of federally-held Idaho lands and resources”; the state should unilaterally defy any federal law or rule it disapproves of (number 21); state prisons should be made self-supporting (22); eliminate concealed weapon registration – not concealed weapons, just the registration; set up a second Idaho state militia; legislation to specifically encourage use of the Bible as a text in public schools; a constitutional declaration that a fetus, of any level of development, is a “person”.

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