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Posts published in “Day: June 28, 2010”

This week in the Digests

weekly Digest

Hard economic times wound through this week's Washington, Idaho and Oregon Public Affairs Digests. Oregon declared a massive 9% cut in state budgets, including hits at public schools, while Washington government set itself up for a new sort of budget process. In Idaho, the Department of Labor and the Human Rights Commission got ready to merge.

It was a good week for open records, as high courts ordered public that names on petitions for referenda in Washington state and of recipients of concealed weapons permits.

As a reminder: We're now publishing weekly editions of the Public Affairs Digests - for Idaho, Washington and Oregon - moving from a monthly to a weekly rundown of what's happening. And we're taking it all-electronic: The print edition will be moving to e-mail.

That means we can include more information, and get it out a lot faster: The weekly Digests will be in your in-box first thing Monday morning. If you subscribe, of course: That's $59 a year, for 50 issues and the yearbook. Yes, including the yearbook. The Idaho Yearbook, which we published for years up to 2002, will return early in 2011 - in printed book form - and Digest subscribers get it for free with their subscription. And the Oregon and Washington yearbooks will be coming out at the same time.

If you'd like to take a look at one of the new weekly Digests, here's a link to the Idaho edition, to the Oregon edition and to the Washington edition. If you'd like to subscribe, here are the links (through to PayPal) for Idaho, for Oregon and for Washington.