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Posts published in “Day: June 19, 2010”

Huffman on BP

Jim Huffman

You'd think you'd want to pause for just a moment before jumping to the defense, these days, of British Petroleum. But Oregon Senate candidate Jim Huffman, the Republican nominee (against incumbent Democrat Ron Wyden), does just that. (Hat tip here to Blue Oregon.)

In a report in the Medford Mail Tribune, Huffman said that the federal government ought not be "a dominant player in our lives," and beyond that "the federal government can't solve any problem."

And: "Funding bike paths, taking over General Motors and telling BP to pony up $20 billion to a fund that the president will hand out — these don't fit the enumerated powers of the government in the Constitution."

So if a BP virtually destroys vast stretches of our common property, just who is it that should deal with the situation? And is he really arguing that the federal government never has solved a problem - that it cannot? If that's the case, why is he bothering running for office in an organization so completely pernicious when it's not ineffective? Why waste your time?