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Rossi’s semi-campaign

The Seattle Times questioning whether Dino Rossi is really even interested in the Senate campaign? It did in an article today, following up with this:

“Since declaring his candidacy May 27, Rossi has scheduled few press events, skipped some chances to debate his GOP rivals and kept his campaign web site practically devoid of content. Meanwhile, he has found time to speak at real-estate seminars teaching investors how to make a profit off buying and selling foreclosures.”

That latter point has been happily seized on by Democrats, and may have left some Republicans wondering – why would he do it? Why go so far out of your way to deliver the opposition a talking point?

Another point in the article, about Rossi’s no-showing at events this season aimed at Republicans, may be more telling.

One such event is slated for this evening, directed toward Tea Party enthusiasts and other conservatives, and is expected to draw the other two significant Republican contenders, Clint Didier and Paul Akers. Rossi’s response to his nonappearances has run like this: “There is no Republican primary. There is no Democratic primary any more. It’s been wiped out,” Rossi said. “I would like to be in situations where I can compare and contrast with Patty Murray.”

On a formal level Rossi is, of course, correct: The August primary will not decide party nominees, only a top two, and Rossi is highly likely to clear that bar.

On a more pragmatic level, though, Rossi seems to be kissing off the people in his own party – the most activist segment of it – who have been arguing that people like Didier or Akers are the real conservatives and Rossi just an establishment RINO. Rossi will need those activists in November, more than he will in August, and he’s not been laying down much ground work for developing them into a loyal base. Call that a factor in the eventual Murray-Rossi contest.

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