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Friends of BP

Curious at all about who in the Northwest political sphere that British Petroleum – they of the endless Gulf oil spout – consider their friends?

You can probably make some assessment through looking at whose campaigns they have contributed to.

In the current cycle, according to the invaluable Open Doc Hastings, R-WA6 ($1,000); Rick Larsen, D-WA2 ($1,000); Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-WA5 ($1,000); Greg Walden, R-OR2 ($1,000).

In the 2008 cycle, you get these: Larsen ($2,000), McMorris Rodgers ($1,000), Walden ($1,000), Jay Inslee, D-WA1 ($1,000), and former Oregon Senator Gordon Smith ($2,000). No one in the Idaho delegation in either cycle.

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