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Posts published in “Day: June 13, 2010”

The familiarity of Nadine

A fine Spokesman-Review piece today about local television, especially local television news, through the lens of Nadine Woodward.

Woodward was on-air at Spokane's KREM television for 19 years before, last year, running into a conflict with management, and ultimately leaving the station. The departure was acrimonious, and involved allegation of age and gender discrimination, and was a visible case in the community.

She was in any event not out of work for long, signing on with competing KXLY. And KXLY quickly launched what was described as the biggest promotional campaign any Spokane station has undertaken to promote a specific personality. KXLY has material to work with, since Woodward was already well known around Spokane. From the story: " Since March, when Nadine Woodward started her new job, her 18-year-old son Connor complained he couldn’t avoid her, even miles from home. On his way to school he’d see some of the 20 large billboards filled with her smiling face, part of a media blitz calling attention to her new position at Spokane broadcaster KXLY."

A good look inside local TV as it's practiced.