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Posts published in “Day: June 8, 2010”

Choice or no choice

Here's a tip-off that a prospective contest ain't gonna be a real contest at all.

Comes in a blog item by the Spokesman-Review's Jim Camden, who noted that two Democrats have filed for the eastern Washington U.S. House seat held by Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who has been winning re-elections in landslides, even against some strong campaigns, each time out.

The two new contenders, ad salewsman Clyde Cordero and perennial candidate Barbara Lampert, don't sound like the much more strongly-based candidates McMorris Rodgers has sometimes faced in the past. But the clincher is this line in Camden's piece:

"Both talked about the importance of giving voters a choice."

When the challenger is talking about a reason for running for the sake of just not having one name on the ballot, you can figure that barring a shocker of some kind, it's a race done and over with.

The WA filings: Day 2

Entering Day 2 of Washington candidate filing week, quite a few races already are filling out.

You know we're getting substantial numbers in the Senate race when Goodspaceguy makes his routine appearance. Incumbent Democrat Patty Murray is in; Republican Dino Rossi has yet to file.

Pretty solid representation too among legislative races; most seats (up for election) have at least one candidate filing. They're not wasting a lot of time.