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Posts published in “Day: June 1, 2010”

Pridemore out; Heck calculation changes

In effect, the Democratic side of the contest in the Washington 3rd is over: The party's standard-bearer (better not say nominee) will be Denny Heck.

Watch his percentage in the upcoming primary, and you'll get a sense of what the November general will look like.

The dynamic changes with the campaign dropout today - and we may see more like this soon with candidate filing prior coming up quick - of state Senator Craig Pridemore, who was the more liberal of the two main Democratic contenders. Pridemore left it clean for Heck, endorsing him in his withdrawal announcement. The rest of Pridemore's statement:

Pridemore, who in recent weeks won the coveted endorsements of the Sierra Club and the Washington State Labor Council, issues the following statement:

“I want to first of all thank all of the individuals and organizations who supported my campaign. I am so grateful to have earned your trust, and look forward to continued service in the State Senate. I am especially humbled by the endorsements of organizations and friends who have rallied in recent weeks, knowing that we left the session with a steep hill to climb. Thank you.

I regret the need to exit this race, but it is clear to me that the long session placed our campaign at a clear disadvantage. While I wish I had been able to focus on my campaign earlier, I am proud that my focus this winter was where it needed to be: addressing the real issues facing the working families and small businesses of Southwest Washington. I entered politics to excel at public service, not the other way around.

It could be said that Heck is the more establishment candidate, a solid fundraiser, with loads of contacts, and may be an easier sell in the more centrist areas than Pridemore would have been. Some of his troops may be less activist - or maybe not, depending on how the Republican side turns out. The Republican contest is far from settled, and two major contenders are well within shooting range of each other. The 3rd overall is a highly competitive territory, and that is unchanged.