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Posts published in “Day: April 17, 2010”

Tops in census

As of today, about 69% of census forms have been returned, or places accounted for, nationwide. (We contributed to that number with ours, although it meant we had to go hunt for it - a result of getting mail not at our street address but at PO box.)

So where would you guess, in the Northwest, the highest return rate would be?

It isn't what we might have guessed.

The Census has listed the top 50 places with estimated populations of 50,000 or more by their returns. They're disproportionately around the upper midwest and Great Lakes areas, and the Northwest doesn't show up until number 28: Meridian, Idaho, with 81% returns. And it's the only one in the top 50.

Overall, Idaho is at 72%, Oregon 70% and Washington right at the national average at 69%.

In Idaho, the highest county participate rate is Jefferson County's 81%, and the lowest is Valley County's 30%.

Oregon's highest returns are out of Benton County (75%), and the lowest is lightly-populated Gilliam County (54%).

In Washington, the highest-return county is also Jefferson (77%) and the lowest is on the other side of the state, Pend Oreille County (48%).

Would like to find some common thread to draw out of the data, but any commonalities are pretty elusive.