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Posts published in “Day: April 12, 2010”

The great WA > ID shift . . .

Did you hear that, following up on the recent move by Wal-Mart of its Lewiston, Idaho store across the river to Clarkston, Washington, there's another move under way?

This one involves the transfer of about 200 employees from its Moscow, Idaho, store to a new supercenter about eight miles west in Pullman, Washington.

This announced on the day the Washington legislature was preparing to raise a string of taxes, including on a number of items Wal-Mart sells.

So once again, how's that mighty tax-driven business stampede from Washington and Oregon to Idaho turning out?

ANOTHER COMMENT Couldn't resist adding this one to the mix. The writer is Idaho conservative blogger Adam Graham, who posted this:

"It seems strange. Idaho hasn’t elected a Democratic Governor in 20 years. Washington hasn’t elected a Republican Governor in 30. Yet, it’s Washington that has a pro-growth tax code that makes it a better place to do business. This is because, it’s policy and not partisanship that matters. And Idaho’s tax policy is leftover from the progressive area and not befitting a state that expects to grow in the 21st Century. The fact is that even Oregon is beating us in business tax environment and has a lower tax burden and that’s after its tax increase last year."