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About that Oregon exodus

Ben Jacklet, managing editor of Oregon Business magazine, wrote a web column on March 24 taking a few shots at (mostly unnamed) people worrying about the prospective loss of jobs in Oregon after the January passage of two tax measures, 66 and 67.

Apparently it stung: A week later he reported that the response “set new standards for vitriol. Some readers went so far as to suggest that the job I should watch out for is my own.”

He then wrote: “I have to point out that for all of the great and not-so-great responses last week’s column elicited, I still am lacking the name of a single job-creating investor or executive who is in fact leaving Oregon because of Measures 66 and 67.” (emphasis added)

And then proceeded to name the recent string of companies which this year have announced they are setting up major operations in Oregon, including Genetech, Facebook and Ferrotech, and others expanding theirs.

Worth noting as the states monitor their various business-development strategies.

H/T to Steve Novick, Blue Oregon.

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