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Waiting for candidate

Tom Forbes at Red County makes what sounds like a good point in evaluating the relative rankings of the Republicans interested in taking on Democratic Senator Patty Murray.

He looks at the recent polling of the race by Rasmussen and notably the comparison over time, especially in a prospective matchup pitting Murray against former gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi:

“Rossi has slipped a bit from previous polls. Instead of leading Murray by 2-3 points, he is now trailing by a similar margin. Rasmussen attributes this to the Democrat’s attacks, but I think that’s more likely due to impatience among Republicans, who want a horse to get behind sooner rather than later.”

Maybe the attacks mattered, and maybe too the threats on Murray (which might or might not have been reflected in the polling). But Forbes is likely right: Washington Republicans want a horse to back, and time’s a-wastin’. Realistically, trying to mount a major Senate campaign from a minority position in a state as large as Washington (or even Wyoming, for that matter) starting in April of election year is . . . well, a tough shot. It gets tougher every day.

Wrote Forbes: “No one is a bigger supporter of the Tea Party than me. But there will be no replay of the Scott Brown Miracle in Washington. Voters are definitely more inclined to look to the GOP this year for real solutions and alternatives, but they will want more than poster slogans and talk radio tropes.” And that will take longer to sell . . .

ALSO Forbes also suggests that the Rasmussen numbers are suggesting that, absent Rossi, Vancouver state Senator Don Benton is emerging as the Republican front runner. That sounds about right.

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