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Posts published in “Day: April 3, 2010”

The session that’s barely there

There's not a lot good most casual observers of the Washington Legislature would have to say at this point - a session not wrapped up (as it originally was supposed to be) in the middle of last month, but instead dragging on interminably in special session.

But the best you can say is, most legislators aren't even there. Most of them have gone back to their day jobs; only some of the members of leadership are consistently around the statehouse.

This week, the Washington House mostly didn't meet at all except just enough to meet the constitutional minimums. They met on Friday to pass some bills, but probably won't be back until next Friday.

In between, as the Spokesman-Review's Jim Camden wrote, "Speaker Frank Chopp, Majority Leader Lisa Brown and the two chambers’ Democratic revenue leaders will continue to seek agreement, or at least less disagreement, on a tax package that can get 25 votes in the Senate and 50 votes in the House."

In theory, as long as the governor sees fit to call additional special sessions, this could go on for months. But at some point, an embarrassment factor will have to kick in. You would think. Other than for for the legislature's Republicans, who must be enjoying the heck out of it.