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A health pretzel

The extent to which thinking about health policy has gotten twisted, on this day when a sweeping bill might be passed in the House, can be inferred from this quote from Representative Dave Reichert of Washington’s 8th, like all other congressional Republicans a no vote:

“As an old Sheriff I know that if you arrest someone, they get free health care. So once we arrest these people, they’ll have free health care. And then we’d have to release them because they’d be in compliance with the law. And then we’d have to rearrest them again. So this law makes no sense whatsoever.”

There are all kinds of problems with this. But in his column today, the Seattle Times‘ Danny Westneat offered this one: “Good grief. What you get in jail is a doctor, not what is required by this bill, which is insurance. So his critique is what makes no sense whatsoever.”

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  1. fortboise fortboise March 21, 2010

    Looks like we have another applicant for a role in the next Dickens novel!

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