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Posts published in “Day: February 1, 2010”

Oregon answer, Idaho answer

Rocky Barker at the Idaho Statesman has posed a question at his blog:

"So Oregon's vote [passing two tax measures at the polls], coupled with Idaho's deep cuts in education, social services and all state government services, gives people on both sides of the issue a real chance to prove who is right. Will the state that raises taxes to protect schools and services do better economically than the state that keeps taxes low? Will Idaho place billboards on Oregon's Interstate 5 saying 'Come to the state of low taxes on the rich and corporations?' I heard some lobbyists say this might be a real opportunity."

Good question! The contrast is apt to be stark (it could be between Idaho and Washington too, depending on what happens the next few weeks in Olympia), so the comparison will have some legitimacy.

So far, the Oregonian has run a piece on how there's no indication of a business migration north of the Columbia to Vancouver. The guess here is that there's no significant business migration at all. But let's keep watch and see how that works out.