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Roach removed, from the room

Pam Roach

Pam Roach

Even if it seems almost unprecedented, you have to figure: It was bound to happen sooner or later.

The Washington Senate Republican Caucus has kicked out one of its members, Senator Pam Roach, R-Auburn (or is it Auburn? where are the district lines again, for King County as well as legislature . . .)

Ousting a member from a caucus is fairly extreme step, and extremely rare, because caucuses are ordinarily focused hard on increasing their numbers, not diminishing them, especially if – as is the case with Washington’s Senate Republicans – they’re in a distinct minority.

The action by fellow Republican senators doesn’t remove her from the Senate (they can’t do that) or change her status as a Republican; mainly, it keeps her out of the room when the others hold a caucus meeting to discuss Republican Senate policy and strategy. They are reported to have written her, “As your fellow senators, it is difficult to be in a room with you when you erupt in anger . . . For our employees it is unacceptable.”

There have been . . . incidents over the years, which have gone public, which make you wonder what those caucus sessions have been like. She has been disciplined before and, it’s worth noting, by fellow Republicans, not by Democrats.

On her blog, Roach said that “I wanted you to know that there is some petty politics going on with some of my colleagues. Let me assure you that I will not be distracted from my representation of the values of the 31st District.”

Soon after, she posted a string of supportive comments: “It is this type of in-fighting that hurts the Republican Party. Keep saying it
like it is, Pam. Frankly, if someone gets their feelings hurt while working in
politics, maybe they chose the wrong field to work in.” “The grassroots does have power. Independents do have voting power. I am a voter. Right now; the Republican party has some explaining to do. You do have support!” “Hmmm, When I heard the piece last night on the news my thought was “are they afraid of what she is saying because she is right? Hang in there!” “Please run for governor!” “You are doing a great job Pam!!! You have alot of people who appreciate all you do for our community….” “Pam, You go girl!”

What next?

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