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Posts published in “Day: January 9, 2010”

Newspapers, newsprint


At Oregon City/Stapilus

Newspapers are shrinking. There have been times, during the boom years for newspapers, when they actually had some trouble laying hands on enough newsprint paper. No longer; with consequences for the newsprint industry.

As Rogue Pundit usefully points out: On New Years Eve, Blue Heron Paper of Oregon City (if you go through downtown, its maybe the most visible business of all there) filed of Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, and laid off 50 employees.

Rogue takes a look at the industry through the eyes of Blue Heron, and it's worth a look. One observation that jumped out: "Notice that it's cheaper to ship old newspapers to China, recycle them into newsprint, and ship it back to us. No doubt the purchasers of that newsprint brag they're being green because it's recycled."