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Posts published in “Day: December 21, 2009”

No runaways

No one is running away with the campaign contributions in Oregon's race for governor. Beyond that, how you assess it depends on how you count the dollars. By number of contributions? In a fund also listed as in support of ballot issues? Or?

Here's how it stacks up as of the most recent reports at Orestar:

bullet John Kitzhaber (D) - raised $389,670, spent $93,571

bullet Chris Dudley (R) - raised $391,467, spent $75,609 (note that Dudley's committee, unlike the others, also has been specifically marked as opposing Referenda 66 and 67)

bullet Allen Alley (R) - raised $248,505, spent $199,808

bullet Bill Bradbury (D) - raised $178,803, spent $157,284

bullet Jerry Wilson (Progressive) - raised $4,500, spent $1,750

John Lim (Republican), who has said he is running, is not listed. Steve Shields (Democrat), who has opted out, is.