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Posts published in “Day: December 20, 2009”

County fracture

Jackson County - the Medford area - says it is planning to quit the Association of Oregon Counties, which for many, many years has had as members all 36 in the state. (If recollection serves, its counterparts in Washington and Idaho have all counties as members.) Its annual dues are about $31,000.

Why is apt to be a complicated story and it will probably sound different in the telling by different people. The view from Medford turns up in an intriguing article in today's Mail Tribune, which suggests that a large part of it has to do with differences over legislative proposals.

More coming on this, probably.

Wireless from here

Yeah, it's something of an ad, but techies will find this of interest - a new wireless music product that looks as if it breaks some new ground.

Noted here because the company coming up with it, Avnera, is Northwest-based, in Beaverton. (See also an article on the Oregonian site.)