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Posts published in “Day: October 18, 2009”

Tight polling in the straw

It may be that former Governor John Kitzhaber winds up running away with the 2010 governor's race, primary and general, but stray indicators have been floating by suggesting the contrary - maybe that Kitzhaber very much still has to make his case.

One of the most interesting emerges this weekend from the annual Democratic summit at Sunriver, where a straw poll was conducted among the Democratic activists, politicians and supporters: Who's you're choice for governor?

Kitzhaber came in first, with 39.7%, but former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury (who was in the race earlier) came in a close second at 36.4%. (The vote was 83-76.) Bradbury's people were cheering the results, understandably.

Jesse Cornett, who was a poll organizer, noted at Blue Oregon that "supporters were out in full force and with bright blue shirts, hard to miss. While Bill Bradbury’s supporters were less ubiquitous, Bradbury himself took the entire weekend to be in Sunriver, likely helping his vote count."

Side note: Representative Peter DeFazio, who has mentioned interest in the race, took 2.8%, best interpreted not of popularity but as an indicator of how likely DeFazio is to enter.