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Rally the base, or expand support?

protect marriGE

On R-71

Say you’re pushing a socially conservative concept is a state where the population is, as a majority, socially liberal or moderate at most. How do you do it? You might try a pivot to a non-morals-based argument, something relating to finance, legal complications or some other area.

What you don’t do, as the group Protect Marriage Washington has done, is something like this: A video that comes out of Sunday School and never leaves there, guaranteed to turn off all those people unlikely to support your view in the first place. (There’s no embed code for the video, hence the link to the home site.) The video’s view being that marriage itself is being violated by Senate Bill 5688, the measure that famously gave same-sex couples most of the rights of married couples but not the formality of marriage.

The guess here has been that Referendum 71, which seeks to repeal that legislature-passed law, won’t collect the votes it needs for repeal. Videos like this one do nothing to alter that sense.

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One Comment

  1. fortboise fortboise October 11, 2009

    I don’t think people making “rally the base” messages care much about how the opposition views them, do you?

    I did see an “embed” link on the vimeo page… and an amusing set of tags to boot:

    * hilarious
    * bigotry
    * separation of church and state
    * morons
    * religious right
    * equalitynow

    So at least on vimeo, the video doesn’t seem to be generating the intended response.

    (In the “hilarious” realm, I think the tasteful, understated frocks for Adam and Eve fill the bill.)

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