Writings and observations

Traffic fatalities in Washington lowest (in raw numbers) since 1955 . . . A driver-texting ban may happen in Idaho. From Kevin Richert’s blog: “Boise Democratic state Sen. Les Bock is taking another run at the texting ban; a similar bill stalled earlier this year. He has some key allies: Senate Transportation Committee Chairman John McGee, R-Caldwell; and House Transportation Chairwoman JoAn Wood, R-Rigby. Wood’s support, touted by Idaho Democrats last week, isn’t just laudable. It’s shocking. Her history on safe-driving legislation, frankly, has been awful.” . . . From a Mount Vernon (WA) Herald newspaper editorial: Mayor Bud Norris, re his key to the city to be offered to cable talker Glenn Beck, “recently mused that it would bring some attention to Mount Vernon if he could bring the city’s famous (some say “infamous”) son here. Well, unfortunately, mission accomplished.” . . . New Oregon legislator: “Oregon House Democrats welcome Val Hoyle to the House of Representatives after she was unanimously chosen by Lane County Commissioners to succeed former Rep. Chris Edwards in Lane County’s District 14 representing West Eugene, Santa Clara and Junction City. Edwards is now a State Senator who was recently chosen to replace former Senator Vicki Walker.” (from emailed press release) . . . And another newbie: “Margaret Doherty as Oregon’s newest State Representative. Doherty was unanimously chosen by county commissioners in both Washington and Multnomah counties on Monday to replace Larry Galizio in Oregon’s House District 35.” . . .

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