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Posts published in “Day: September 9, 2009”

Blue urban, red outlying, of course

king co

King Exec map/Seattle Times

This is a slice of a map developed by the Seattle Times showing where the candidates for King County executive, in the recent primary election, came in first. First-place Susan Hutchison, widely viewed as the relatively conservative Republican candidate (bearing in mind that this is a nonpartisan office and there were no party tags on the ballot) took first in the areas in red. Second-place Dow Constantine (a Democrat) came in first in blue. The smatterings of green show wins by Fred Jarrett, another Democrat (and formerly a Republican).

The larger map (follow the link to see the whole thing) shows the picture more thoroughly, but this slice will give you a sense of what's there: Heavy Constantine wins in nearly all of the city of Seattle and Vashon Island, while Hutchison takes the bulk of the rest.

Of course in looking ahead to the general election, Constantine is likely to pick up many of the votes split among four Democrats, which allowed Hutchison wins in many of those red areas. But this gives you an idea of how the geographical battle shapes up.