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Challis McAfee/Ada Co

A man in western Ada County was in his house late afternoon on Tuesday when he noticed a man outside taking pictures of his place. When he stepped outside to inquire why, they argued briefly -the man said he was on foreclosure business for a bank – and then the photographer reached into his vehicle and pulled a .357 magnum on him.

The man, Challis McAfee, is a local Republican official (precinct chair) and member of the state Republican central committee, and active in Boise-area Tea Party activities. He was taking pictures, he said, as part of a foreclosure investigation; a contractor hired through Wells Fargo confirmed that.

Meridian police arrested McAfee and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

You could say all sorts of things about this incident. Here, we’ll just note how perfectly it seems to encapsulate so much of the moment . . .

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  1. kipster said:

    well guess he’ll miss the Teabag meeting with Walt Minnick today since he can’t make 50k bail for not having a permit for a concealed weapon. Ron Paul mail list being hit up for contributions. Love it!

    August 22, 2009

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