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Posts published in “Day: August 19, 2009”

New tool

Believe it was from Idaho . . . activist? not sure what label to put on him these days . . . . Dennis Mansfield, some years ago, we first heard about YouTube, when he suggested that this new thing might have some real impact in politics. That was a couple of years before, well, it did. Obviously in recent years, it has.

Today he (with his son Colin) are up (on Mansfield's site) with a new tool called Screenr.

It uses Twitter to very quickly and easily post videos.

Not sure we've absorbed yet what it's capable of. But it sure looks like something to keep a watch on. And the political possibilities seem very real.

Another personal story


Robert Kustra

Considering the nature of the political heat at the moment, and the political environment he works in, Boise State University President Robert Kustra's statement on health care ought generate some shocks.

A while back, Kustra's son Steve, who was insured, developed cancer. He was treated, and it went into remission. Afterward, his health care rates grew to the point that he dropped insurance. When cancer returned, he was uninsured and had trouble finding a physician to treat him.

In his state of the university talk today, the elder Kustra reflected on this:

“Over the course of the last 15 months, that we fought this battle, we saw close up what’s at stake in the current health care reform debate. We are living proof of how for-profit insurance companies and HMOs target people who are sick and who are ill and raise their premiums and raise their premiums until they can effectively kick them off of the rolls. . . . When we hear the 'public option,' and we hear the president thinking about dropping it from the plan, it worries me greatly that we would leave health care to the profit motive in America.”

The high cost of stayin’ alive

Couldn't resist a link to this post from an old colleague, Mark Shenefelt, with whom I covered news in Boise years ago. Shenefelt now is an editor at the Ogden (Utah) Standard-Examiner, and he writes here about the cost of health care, some of his experiences, and some of its implications.

Posted here not solely because of his kind words toward the end . . .